In 2010, this artwork started as a silent protest in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Mo. One summer, not a single piece of artwork sold in any of the galleries, yet thousands of people came to visit our studios and galleries on First Fridays. Twenty blocks of galleries and restaurants creating a romantic, walkable, vibrant and cultured experience. Patrons would spend $200-$300 on food and wine, wander around our studios and galleries, tell us how wonderful they think our work is and wish us good luck as they moved on to the next space. In response, my not so silent protest / “Occupy Myself”, I took my hand made vender box with suede straps, loaded it up with my gift boxes and hit the streets dressed as a Mime who was speaking up for the arts. I would walk around declaring “Free Baklava” as the patrons reached for my boxes I would slap their hand and inform them the gift box cost ten bucks and tell them the story behind my drawing and how it is just as multi-layered and complex as the baklava housed within the box. I would sell out every night 50-80 boxes.