Looking for a unique and meaningful gift for the holidays?

Our gift boxes are great for clients, weddings, your next socially-distanced dinner party,

or just to treat yourself.

The "Sweet Dreams Artisan Delights" gift box offers two individually wrapped packages of loose-leaf cardamom tea, crystal sugars, three different kinds of pistachios and of course, the world’s most amazing baklava.

For Your Holiday Delight!

As I paved my way through the Crossroads I would say things like “One for ten, two for twenty five, increase the value of your initial investment.” It was a fun way break the ice, talk about the value of art and reach a broad audience. Most people wouldn’t make eye contact with me, but the ones that did, I knew they where interested in trying something new and would be willing to listen. I would sign and date their gift boxes when they handed over cash or swiped a card on my square card reader. Many have saved or framed their gift boxes. All the patrons signed my guestbook including there email address, so I could add them to my mailing list, informing them on how they can participate in other parts of the series, “Ce nest pas un restaurant.” These gift boxes have been a great way to take a broad audience and narrow it down to a targeted patron base that sees value in and are willing to support the arts.

It is hard being an artist anywhere. It is a vulnerable lifestyle that needs the support of the community to survive. I believe most people are hungry to support the arts, they just don’t know how. I am offering a work of art, a symbol of strength that you can hold in your hand and a gift. As a visual artist who holds a deep love for food and cooking, I can’t help but to approach this as a creative work in progress.

All of that being said, at the end of the day, these are totally unique and meaningful gifts.

“Sweet Dreams Artisan Delights” are great gifts for the holidays, weddings, baby showers or as meaningful gifts for clients, employees, your next socially-distanced dinner party or just to treat yourself. Offering local businesses and individuals a unique way to support an artistic experiment.

Most patrons were introduced to this work through a street vendor who walks around the Arts District declaring “Free Baklava!”. The vendor offers willing participants a ‘Red Herring’. As the passersby peer curiously into the wooden case he has strapped to himself with suede suspenders, they discover beautiful boxes ornamented with a hand printed image of Adelaide, the vendor’s daughter. In the girl’s beauty and confidence, participants are inspired to explore the moment of strength that lives in Adelaide’s eyes.

A crown of gilded roses in her hair suggests the treasure that is housed within the box. Beneath Adelaide’s image a statement in Latin reads “Nulla dies sine linea”. The statement translates to “Leave no day without a line” and serves as the motto of the artist who draws a picture everyday and stands up for what they believe in. The spiraling image on the opposite side of the box asks the participant to wonder, “before we allow ourselves to lose faith in the illusion could we choose to live the dream?”

The participant opens the work of art and finds the vendor’s gift, which he offers as a token of appreciation for supporting a local artistic experiment. The baklava inside the box is as multi layered and complex as the image printed outside the box. Participants can enjoy the world’s most delicious baklava as they are reminded of the sweet dreams we think about in the morning before the day sets in.

The “Sweet Dreams Artisan Delights” gift box also offers two individually wrapped packages of loose-leaf cardamom tea, crystal sugars, three different kinds of pistachios and of course, the world’s most amazing baklava.

This series facilitates The Artist Sustainability Project, a socially based endeavor that was initiated in order to generate awareness, and create jobs while connecting patrons with artists.