20 " x 34 "

Premium Bananas

Three visible figures, a mother opening a window to let in fresh air, two young brothers occupy the space as well. A ray of sunshine fills the room. The youngest brother, in diapers, plays with a toy box truck, the other looking in a mirror. It is not apparent if the family is moving in or out of this house, belongings are packed up in stacks of banana boxes. Behind the older brother, a bird cage hangs from the ceiling with a bird sitting on the open door sill. The floor is dirt inside this house, large fissures and cracks in the floor, reveal a heated unstable foundation. A father figure so far out of the picture he stands at the very edge of the painting in the shadows of the doorway.

The cracks in the ground suggest an earthquake in El Salvador, the ground, an unstable foundations, families being torn apart and put back together. Nature, begins to fill the voids. The bird resting on the door sill of its cage, symbolizes freedom and things that may hold us back even though the door to our cage swings wide open. Birds can be seen flying outside the open window, admired by the mother. While the youngest brother plays with toys, the oldest brother looks into the mirror on a brick wall, for the first time he is aware of the way others see him in contrast to the way he chooses to see himself.

Daniel Avazpour Artist Studio 2021